Donald Wargo, CLA


Alistair Howard, CLA, 1-7796,, '24

Beata Kosmider, LKSM, 2-9084,, '24

Ira Rosen, STHM, 1-6126,, '22

Jay Sinha, FSB, 1-8151,, '24

Nathaniel Snyder, LKSM,, '23

Rebecca Vernon, CPH, 1-9067,, '23

Donald Wargo, CLA,, '23

Andrew Yannaccone, CPH, 1-9017,, '23

Jun Yu, LKSM, 2-3286,, '23


** = serving 2nd consecutive term
*** = serving 3rd consecutive term

(Updated July 27, 2021)


Nine (9) faculty appointed by the Faculty Senate Steering Committee

  • To review the University academic and non-academic budgets;
  • To liaise with the University administration on budget and financial matters;
  • To serve as an educational resource to the faculty regarding the decentralized budget model;
  • To communicate regularly to the faculty through minutes, seminars and Senate meetings;
  • To recommend appropriate changes in the budget and budget-making processes;
  • To monitor the implementation of recommendations;
  • To serve as faculty representatives on College and Support Unit budget conferences conducted by the Chief Financial Officer.



A great deal of time - 6-8 hours per month (mostly in the spring semester).

(Updated 09.29.2015)