Jay Lunden, CST Co-Chr.

Deborah Lemieur, (Adj.) CLA, Co-Chr.


Wendy Cheesman, CPH, 1-2789,, 2025

Judith Garriga-Marti, CST (Adj.), 1-8854,, 2026

Loryn Hilferty, CLA (Adj.),, 2026

David Johnson Lee, CLA (Adj.),, 2026

Deborah Lemieur, CLA, (Adj.), Co-Chr.,, 2025

Jay Lunden, CST, Co-Chr., 1-8524, 2026

Brad Pearson, CPH (Adj.),, 2026

(Updated March 20, 2024)


As a Faculty Senate committee, the Faculty Senate Committee on Adjunct Constituency Concerns (CACC) shall:

  • Make recommendations to the FSSC about issues affecting adjunct faculty and their meaningful inclusion in the university community.
  • Act as a liaison between Adjunct faculty, the Faculty Senate and the Faculty Senate Steering Committee.
  • Develop initiatives to increase Creative/Research and/or Teaching resources for adjunct faculty.


(FSSC motion to increase the adjunct faculty members on the Faculty Senate Committee on Adjunct Constituency Concerns from 4 to 6 instructors. Approved October 31, 2023)

Membership shall consist of eight faculty members appointed by the FSSC to serve three-year terms with initial appointments to be staggered with two one-year terms, two two-year terms, and two three-year terms. Initial appointees may be reappointed. No initial- or three-year appointee may ordinarily serve more than two consecutive terms.  Membership shall consist of 2 full time TT and/or NTT and 6 adjunct instructors. 

(Established January 2022)