To be named


Jeremy Jordan, (Admin) STHM, 1-3811, (Administrator)

Andrew Laine, TFMA, 1-3150,, '22**

Jacqueline Phillips, CPH, 2-3925,, '24

Judith Stull, CEHD, 1-3012,, '24

Elvis Wagner, CEHD, 1-5821,,'24

(Updated: July 28, 2021)


To solicit and accept nominations for Faculty Scholarship and other student awards from the appropriate bodies and to select the awardees in accordance with established guidelines and criteria. The Committee may determine in consultation with the Steering Committee whether to make selections for other student awards at the request of the Administration. Students may participate and vote in all deliberations except those to select the Faculty Scholarship Awardees.


An interest in the academic excellence of undergraduate students and the ability to evaluate transcripts and other documentation.


9 Faculty appointed by the FSSC.