Jeffrey Solow


Faculty Senate Representatives:

Susan B. Dickey, CPH, 2-4825,, '22




School of Dentistry Representative

Jasim Albandar, KSoD, 2-2884,, '22


School of Law Representative:

Harwell Wells, Law, 1-1183,, '22


School of Medicine Representative:

Leslie Barnes, LKSM, 2-2111,, '22

TAUP Representatives:

Janelle Bailey, COE, 1-5195,, '22

Bernie Newman, SSW,, '22

Jeffrey Solow, BCMD, 1-8025,, '22

(Updated April 13, 2020)



3 Faculty appointed by the Faculty Senate Steering Committee

3 TAUP members appointed by the TAUP

1 Member appointed by the School of Law

1 Member appointed by School of Medicine

1 Member appointed by the School of Dentistry


Faculty are appointed for 3-year terms.


This is a committee that meets as needed to discuss matters of joint interest to the Faculty Senate and the various bargaining units which represent faculty at Temple University.