Rita Krueger, CLA


Lynne Andersson, FSB,, 2026

Rita Krueger, CLA, (Chr.), 1-4755,, 2025

David Liberles, CST, 1-2127,, 2025

Robert Rabiee, CLA, 1-5625,, 2025

Ann Valentine, CST, 1-7386,, 2025


Amanda Neuber, Director Honors Program, 1-0710,

At large member appointments:

Jane D. Evans, ART, 8-9738,, 2025

Joshua Pongan, CLA, 1-8285,, 2025

Emily Moerer, Assc. V. Provost, 1-4991,


(Updated August 9, 2023)



The University Honors Oversight Committee serves as a liaison between the Honors Program and the Faculty Senate; provides advice on policy, curricula, planning, development and programming; elicits support from across the academic community for Honors initiatives; encourages cross-disciplinary scholarly pursuits; and serves in consultative, interpretive and advocacy roles in exchanges with constituents across Temple's campuses and the wider community.



The committee shall consist of five (5) elected Faculty Senate members, two (2) appointed at-large faculty members and one student representative. The student representative will be selected by the Director of the Honors program and serve a one-year term.
The five (5) faculty members elected by the University Faculty Senate serve three year, staggered terms. Should a Committee vacancy occur, the Faculty Senate Steering Committee shall appoint a replacement member who shall serve for the remainder of the academic year during which the resignation took place; an election will occur at the end of that year.

The Director of the Honors program will propose two at-large members for Faculty Senate Steering Committee approval. The at-large members will serve three year, staggered terms.

Neither the elected nor the appointed faculty members may serve more than two consecutive full terms.



The committee meets three times a semester for 1 1/2 to 2 hours with additional and longer meetings scheduled when needed.