Announcing the New Home of the Faculty Herald

Welcome to the new home of The Faculty Herald. In mid-September, I was appointed Editor and began working on the transition to a fully online venue for the Herald. We will now be published exclusively online after many years of publishing in print and downloadable PDFs. 

Ideally, this move online should make the publication more accessible to our readers. It also reflects how we read the news these days. We will be able to link our articles to other significant content on the web. More readers, whether it’s those with a stake in the community or colleagues at other institutions, will engage with our work. It’s important that we get the word out about what’s happening at Temple. The Faculty Herald should be the voice of those who teach our students and contribute valuable research to their fields.

This is an exciting and interesting time. Many stories need to be told. In our first round of articles, we have one on the Presidential Search, an in memoriam for President JoAnne Epps, an update from the Faculty Senate, and the first in a series on faculty engaged in the community, to name a few.

I encourage you to read through this first batch of articles written by your colleagues. They are all committed, like you, to making Temple a better place for each other and our students. 

If you are interested in getting involved with the Herald, please get in touch. We are a modest operation, but you can play a significant part in a few different ways. We will need photos and videos as well as new articles twice per semester. Find our pitch guidelines here. I can also be reached via email at

You can find the new home for the Herald at the following link: I suggest bookmarking it for easy reference. Thanks!

Stan McDonald

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