Temple University Faculty Senate Committee Guidelines

The following guidelines are recommendations for Faculty Senate Committees to assist in their operations and to facilitate communication with the Faculty Senate Steering Committee.
At the final meeting of the academic year a chair should be appointed for the forthcoming academic year. The chairperson should convene the Committee in September.
A member of the Committee should be appointed to take minutes. These minutes may be passed on from year to year or given to the Faculty Senate Office for record keeping.
The charge of the Committee should be reviewed each year (at the last meeting) to ensure that it is up to date and reflects the current work of the committee.
A report on the Committee's activities should be provided to the Faculty Senate Steering Committee by December 1st and May 1st of each year.

It is the policy of the Faculty Senate Steering Committee generally to limit service on the Faculty Senate and its committees to two full consecutive terms. (02.11.2015)

Questions concerning the Committee's activities should be directed to the President, Vice-President, or Coordinator of the Faculty Senate.

Senate Committee Reports

Committee Reports

Application to Serve on Faculty Senate Committees

Eligibility: Eligible candidates must be members of the Faculty Senate, which includes Temple University faculty and librarians, with full-time appointments. Please note, faculty must be tenured to serve on Faculty Senate Personnel Committee and University Tenure and Promotion Advisory Committee.

Qualifications: The Faculty Senate is looking for candidates who represent the faculty’s broad diversity –in terms of diversity among schools/colleges, faculty rank, gender/racial/ethnic background and points of view. It is critical that those nominated for election and/or appointment have a verifiable work and service record of contributions to the University along with some relevant background or interest to the committee(s) in question.

Application to Serve on Faculty Senate Committees

A one paragraph Statement of Interest including a statement of availability for meetings and specified work