Wanda Brooks


Shohreh Amini, CST, 1-0604,, '20

Wanda Brooks, Chr., COE, 1-3344,, '20

Boris Datskovsky, CST, 1-7847,, '22**

Seema Freer, CST, 1-8842,, '21

Amy Giddings, STHM, 1-3022,, '22

Barbara Manaka, FSB, 1-8456,, '20

Steve Newman, CLA, 1-7461,, '22

Pamela Shapiro, CLA, 1-7310,, '21


Senate Past-President, TBN


** - serving 2nd consecutive term

*** - serving 3rd consecutive term




Daniel Berman, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies



Michele O'Connor, Assc. V. Provost, Undergraduate Studies



Bhavesh Bambhrolia, University Registrar





Susan Cahan, Tyler School of Art, 8-9188,

Richard Deeg, College of Liberal Arts, 1-7747,


Student members:


TBN - Temple Student Government

TBN - Honors Program


(Updated October 22, 2019)




The Committee shall have referred to it all proposals for change in undergraduate academic programs and procedures affecting more than one college, whether they originate from administration, faculty or the Student Senate, except those that fall into the purview of the General Education Executive Committee (issues specifically related to the General Education classes). The EPPC may consult with the Student Senate, and the Student Senate may petition for such consultation.


The Education Programs and Policies Committee of the Faculty Senate shall be composed as follows:

  • Nine faculty members representing at least six schools/colleges, to be elected by ballot by the University Faculty Senate each spring. From among the nine elected faculty members, the largest college shall at all times have two representatives and the second largest college shall have at all times at least one representative. No professional school (Law, Medicine, CHP, or Dentistry) may have more than one representative; no other school may have more than two. Collegial Assemblies shall designate the candidates for the election in a manner of their own choosing.
  • The Provost, or his/her representative, ex-officio
  • Two Deans chosen by the Council of Deans, ex-officio
  • The Asst. Vice-Provost for First Year and Transfer Students, ex-officio
  • The Registrar, ex-officio
  • The Past President of the Faculty Senate, ex-officio
  • Two representative students, one from Honors and one from the student government, whose terms are annual.

The faculty members and Deans shall serve three-year terms, and no more than two consecutive terms. All members of the committee are voting members.


The Chair, who must be one of the faculty members, shall be elected annually by the Committee. Because of the burden of work, the Chair of the EPPC shall be entitled to request release time.