Lisa Ferretti


Tricia Burdo, LKSM, 2-1618,, 2025

Lisa Ferretti, (Chair), SSW, 1-8642,, 2027**

Brian Holtz, FSBM, 1-6871,, 2025

Lindsey Lee, STHM, 1-4716,, 2025

Vinod Venkatraman, FSBM, 1-1409,, 2025

Andrew Wit, 1-2137,, 2025

Laurie Wu, STHM, 1-8695,, 2025

Sam Wu, LKSM, 2-7021,, 2024


** = serving 2nd consecutive term
*** = serving 3rd consecutive term

(Updated November 17, 2023)


Ten (10) faculty member appointed by the Faculty Senate Steering Committee.

The Standing Committee on Administrative and Trustee Appointments shall serve as the faculty consultative body to the Board of Trustees upon all administrative appointments that bear upon (1) the academic life of the University, and (2) nomination and election of new members of the Board of Trustees. It shall be the duty of the Standing Committee to insure faculty participation in the identification and selection procedures in each case.

(Faculty Senate By-laws, Article IV, section 8)



Committee members evaluate the faculty candidates who have volunteered to serve on various administrative search committees. We meet sporadically when we have faculty candidates to recommend for search committees. Much of the work is done over the internet.