Nilgun Anadolu-Okur


Shohreh Amini, CST, 1-0604,, 2025**

Nilgun Anadolu-Okur, (Chr.) CLA, 1-8513,, 2027**

Katey Burke, CEHD, 1-4317,, 2026** 

Christine Cleaver, STHM,, 2025**

Sarah Cordes, CEHD, 1-6332,, 2027**

Shreyasee Das, CLA,, 2026

Alexa Firat, CLA, 1-8268,, 2025**

Beth Heuer, CPH,, 2025

Beata Kosmider, LKSM, 2-9084,, 2024

Olena Mishchuk, CST, 1-4747,, 2025

Dieu Nguyen, CLA,, 2024**

Daniela Proca, LKSM, 2-4812,, 2024

Carolyn Adams, Consultant,


**= serving 2nd consecutive term

***= serving 3rd consecutive term


(Updated March 18, 2024)


It is the mission of the Faculty Senate Committee on the Status of Women to identify and address areas in which women faculty operate at a disadvantage due to their gender identity, so that women at Temple University can succeed and model professional success for the entire University. We recognize that supporting women faculty's agency has a trickledown effect to students and staff and will foster an improved and equitable learning environment.


Goals of the FSSW Committee:

The Faculty Senate Status of Women Committee concerns itself with issues of discrimination, harassment, sabbatical and family leaves, pay and retirement fund equity, as well as tenure and promotion policies, where women are thought to be treated inequitably, and to recommend changes in policies to correct inequalities where they exist. Issues of gender inequity affect the ability of women faculty to perform their jobs optimally, and in turn impact the broader Temple community of faculty, staff, and students

The Committee's goals and vision include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Bring to the attention of the Faculty Senate, the administration, and the campus community issues of concern to women faculty;
  • Improve the work environment for women faculty;
  • Identify obstacles to women's professional advancement, including advancement to leadership roles;
  • Develop women's full leadership potential;
  • Encourage women's decision-making and mentoring for women faculty who desire it;
  • Sponsor events and foster relationships among women on campus to support the advancement of women through the tenure and promotion process and to encourage better representation of women in leadership roles across campus;
  • Cooperate and forge new relationships through a thoughtful and effective network/community of women in our area;
  • Communicate with other FS committees to organize events, symposiums and conferences that are of importance to Temple University faculty, staff and students;
  • Establish an annual scholarship, through donors, for a graduating student.




13 Faculty appointed by the Faculty Senate Steering Committee


Two (2) meetings per semester plus subcommittee work.