Jay Sinha, FSBM



Clifton Fordham, TYL, 1-0580,, 2027**

Joseph Kopta, TYL, 1-9209,, 2026

Cindy Li, CST,, 2026

Jin Jun Luo, LKSM, 2-3040,, 2027**

Lynn Mandarano, TYL, 8-9135,, 2027**

Tim Patterson, CEHD, 1-2797,, 2024**

Gary Pratt, CLA, 1-5625,, 2025

Michael Sances, CLA,, 2026

Jacqueline Sipes, Libr., 1-1465,, 2025

Jay Sinha, (Chr.) FSBM, 1-8151,, 2027**

Elvis Wagner, CEHD, 1-6180,, 2026



(Updated March 18, 2024)


To recommend policy, review and ratify policy changes and advise the director of the library on matters of library policy and procedure; to investigate the role of the library in graduate education in order to make recommendations involving present and anticipated buildings. The committee has advisory, consultative, and interpretive roles; all colleges served primarily by Charles Libraries should be represented.


Knowledge of library and interest in relating library functions to all of the colleges in the University.


10 Faculty appointed by the FSSC, 1 Librarian appointed by Charles Librarians


Half hour per week.