Slava Rom


Elected Members:

Evangelia Bellas, COE, 1-3301,, 2027

Ilene Hollin, CPH, 1-9164,, 2025

David V. Smith,  CLA, 1-1552,, 2027


Appointed Members:

Fauzia Ahmad, COE, 1-3880,, 2026

Stephen Anderson, TYL, 215-680-2328,, 2024

Jason, Gallagher, Phar., 2-2573,, 2025

Munir Mandviwalla, FSBM, 1-5617,, 2024

Slava Rom, Chr., LKSM, 2-9412,, 2024**

Elizabeth Thomas, CPH, 1-1699,, 2024**

Har-el Yah-el, Engr.,, 2027** 

(** = serving 2nd consecutive term)

Ad-Hoc Members:

Marisol Tellez Merchan, KSoD, 2-1773,

Jinsup Song, TUSPM, 215-625-5389,

(Updated April 10, 2024)



The Research Programs and Policies Committee (RPPC) shall ensure an active faculty role in the formulation and evaluation of research policies. The Committee is charged with promoting faculty research and scholarly activities and advising university administration and the Faculty Senate on research policies. The committee is also called upon to assist in the dissemination of policies and guidelines ensuring implementation is consistent and clearly communicated to the broader university research community.
(Approved by the FSSC April 28, 2015)


10 Faculty (4 elected by UFS; 6 appointed by FSSC)



The RPPC shall work with university administrators to:


  1. Examine various aspects of research and other scholarly activities with the intent of improving the climate for these activities at the university, improving the efficiency of research administration, articulating faculty vision on research issues and representing the faculty voice.
  2. Serve as the primary committee for faculty to inform the administration of any obstacles to the faculty to engage in research and other scholarly activities.
  3. Examine and assess the performance and responsiveness of the various units within the university that affect and support the research enterprise.
  4. Determine the availability of resources and incentives available on campus for faculty research, creative, and professional activities, and make this information available to the broader research community.
  5. Evaluate applications for University funds to support faculty and graduate student research and creative activity through the establishment of subcommittees, if necessary, for different disciplinary areas and recommend allocations of funds.

The committee shall provide an annual written report of its activities to the President of the Faculty Senate.