Shohreh Amini


FSSC Recommendations

Shohreh Amini, (Chr.) CST, 1-0604,, 2025

Ingrid Olson, CLA, 1-7318,, 2025

Ho-Lun Wong, PHAR, 2-8173,, 2025

Provost Appointments

John Elrod, LKSM,

Jennifer Fisher, CPH,

Merian Soto, BCMD,


(Updated February 20, 2024)


The University Research and Creative Awards Committee will review applications for the Eberman Faculty Research Award, the Temple University Faculty Research Award and the Faculty Award for Creative Achievement. This Committee shall have final authority to choose the nominees for these awards after discussion with the President and/or his/her designee. The President shall notify the recipients of their awards



The six (6) members of the University Research and Creative Awards Committee must come from different schools/colleges; administrators, tenured, and tenure-track faculty are eligible for appointment. Three (3) will be appointed by the Faculty Senate and three (3) by the Provost. These are rotating, three-year terms. No one may serve more than one consecutive full term. The Committee will elect its chair.



This committee meets one or two times for 2-3 hours primarily in January and February. Nomination materials are available for on-line review.